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Don Quixote
Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Edith Grossman, Harold Bloom
The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914
Christopher Clark
If on a Winter's Night a Traveler
William Weaver, Italo Calvino
Chaos: The Making of a New Science
James Gleick
'Catherine Bly Cox', 'Charles Murray'
How Proust Can Change Your Life
Alain de Botton
Remembrance of Things Past: Volume I - Swann's Way & Within a Budding Grove
Marcel Proust, Terence Kilmartin, C.K. Scott Moncrieff
Inferno: The World at War, 1939-1945
Max Hastings
The Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction
Helen Merrick, Edward James, Farah Mendlesohn

The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood

The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood - James Gleick A wide-ranging exemplar of the History of Ideas, Gleick's "The Information" tells the compelling story of our Information Age. Focusing on fascinating characters such as Charles Babbage, and more particularly, the brilliant Claude Shannon, Gleick deftly weaves together the disparate strands of technology, cryptology and psychology that lead to his "Flood." Those familiar with the "Steampunk" world-view will find many common strands here. A solid math background, while not essential, certainly enhances the experience. I've now added Gleick's "Chaos" and his biography of Newton to my soon-to-be-read list.