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Inferno: The World at War, 1939-1945
Max Hastings
The Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction
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The Last Opium Den

The Last Opium Den - Nick Tosches I've read several of Nick Tosches' longish pieces in various magazine. He is a very good writer. There are passages in this book that are incredibly lyrical. His descriptions of his opiated high are often fabulous.

And yet, the book is just too short. We barely scratch the surface of what is actually a very deep subject. Tosches skirted around the edges of his subject, but didn't really take the time to engage with it.

I would've much preferred it if he had interspersed his personal vignettes with a more in depth cultural history of opium.

This book is what some would call a non-book, i.e., it is an article in book form.

I will keep reading Nick Tosches pieces--because he really is quite a good writer--but won't be recommending this one to friends.